Sponsorship Opportunities

Instruments of Hope offers opportunities to commemorate a one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted, bronze St. Francis statue from renowned Sculpture Artist, Mic Carlson, or to sponsor one of our beautiful garden sites. Prices start at $10,000 to sponsor a garden site, and start at $7,000 to commemorate a sculpture.

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Our Sponsors

Instruments of Hope would like to thank our many sponsors who have made the St. Francis of Assisi Sculpture Garden possible.


John and Eileen Anding
Steve Billmeier and Darlene Frederick
Roger Boer
Gordy and Sue Carlson
Mic Carlson
The Gus Carter Family
Charlie and Pat Fischer
Gary Family Foundation
Dr. Joseph Horak
Jack and Rita Kirkwood
Pat and Larry Larsen
Stephen Macedo
Larry and Terri Mulligan
Jim and Susie Pasikowski
Bill and Nancy Schmiedicke
Mark Siegrist
James and Debra Watson
Peter Wege
Wege Foundation
Katherine Woltjer
Tim Ziegler – Infusion Inc.

GOLD SPONSORS ($2,001-5,000)

Scott Harvey
Tamara Hickey
Jack and Rita Kirkwood
Kim and Paul Lothschutz
Sandra Swider
Sisters Visner
Mary Joe Walker
Tim Ziegler

SILVER SPONSORS ($500-2,000)

Thomas J. Baryl
Stacie Behler – Meijer
Chris Beuche – Secular Franciscan Fraternity
Bill and Gari Bowling
Linda Burpee
Jacqueline Bushnell
Gordy and Sue Carlson
David Cassard
Cathy Cooper
Ed Demaagd – GR Fire Fighters Union L366
Heidi DeYoung
Kathleen Douglas
Howard Dubay
Chris Ebbrecht
Gatz Home and Garden
Pat and Bob Gussin
Corey Hart – Moxies
Haviland Enterprises Inc.
Shirley Hickey
Charles and Sara Homeyer
Sue Ann Jabin
Madeline Jarosch
Fred Jirous
Joan and Phil Jung
Jack and Rita Kirkwood
Larry Larsen
Pat Larsen
I. M. Love
Joseph Maggini
Coby and Nancy Martin
Meijer Stores Inc.
Irv Miller
Fr. Dennis Nash
Mark Neistat
Our Mother of Sorrows Secular Franciscan Fraternity
Suzanne Passero
Ben and Stephanie Prawdzik
Nicholas Rizzon
Chuck and Stella Royce
Sharon Russell
Bill Schmiedicke
Mark Siegrist
T. David Siegrist
James Siler
Sandee Swider
TDS Metrocom
Dan and Lisa VerHil
Kirsten Weller
Katherine Woltjer
Tim Ziegler
Fr. Bill Zink


All About Animals
Monica Anderson
Jim and Charlene Augustyn
John and Nancy Bailey
Matthew Barrera
Melissa Bilski
John and Sandra Brann
Richard and Sally Brom
Terri Bruining
LouAnn Bryant
Carol and David Burgess
Mary and James Campbell
Scott and Katie Campbell
Mic Carlson and Susan Evangelista
Sue and Steve Carlson
Catherine Cooper – Meijer
Jacqueline Cooper
Judy Cwiklinski
Rev. Michael Danner
Nancy Davis
David DeVelder
Marlene and Paul DeVries
Heidi DeYoung
Cheri and James Doyle
Howard and Nancy Dubay
Patricia England
Mary Jane Fedder
Deboah Flakne
Richard and Roberta Flakne
Bruce and Doreen Fogerty
Kathleen Foster
Marcia and Tom Good
Ed Goodrich
Tricia Gosling
Daniel Grady
Grand Rapids Sister Cities
Frances and Mike Grant
Bruce and Mary Hakim
Terri Handlin
Gary and Shirley Harper
Dave and Lori Hastings
Marie Haviland – Haviland Products
Martin Hayden
Sr. Janet Heitz
Jack and Susan Hessler
Mary Hieshetter
John Hogan
Charles and Sara Homeyer
Don Jandernoa
Madeline Jarosch
Fred Jirous
Joan Jung
William and Carolyn Kelly
Kenowa Hills and Arlene Roedema
James and Pamela Key
Nancy Kilbourne
Jack and Rita Kirkwood
Joe and Susan Kirkwood
Maureen Kirkwood
Molly Kirkwood
Lawrence and Roberta Kok
Bob and Mary Krueger
Bob and Jenette Kwapis
Valentine and Jenette Kwapis
Sandra Lambert
Debra Roberts Lafleur
Bill and Karen Lawrence
Jack Lensink
Larry and Loretta Lind
Paulette Longwell
Kim and Paul Lothschutz
Kathleen Lown
Bucky Love
Gregory Love
David & Mary Ann Lowing
Dave and Sue Marsh
David and Nancy Martin
William-James McFadden
Susan McFarlund
Ginny-Brooks Mikita-Filonow
Nicky and Beverly Mitchell
Terri and Larry Mulligan
Mary Margaret Munski
Bill Ogden
One Trick Pony
Jean Ottenwess
Michael Packer
Michael Packard
Carl and Cathy Paganelli
In Memory Pasikowski
Harriet Pilson
Bob and Laurie Quay
Joan and Sandra Quick
Mary Radamacher
Gary Renkema
Joe Renkema
Redstone Group
Nicholas Rizzon
Jerry Robinson
Jay and Trish Round
Joan Ruess
Kyle Russell
Sharon and Donald Russell
The Samacki Law Firm PLC
Cynthia Santarelli
Jane Santman
Pierre and Sharon Schierbeek
Heidi and Richard Schliem
Amy Schmidt
Thomas Sibley
Jamie Sickles
David Siegrist
Mark Siegrist
Lauretta Simpson
Sarah Smith
Thomas Soltys
In Memory of Henry Spenski
St. Clare Fraternity Secular Franciscan Order
Amy Start
Fred Stella
Ronald Strauss
James and Suzanne Swanlund
Sandee Swider
Debi Taylor
John and Sue Teeples
Marvin and Thomas Thome
Aija and Michael Thomson
Mary Tourre
Tom and Sonia VanBragt
David Vanderlinde
Marcia VanderWoude
Armando and Donna Vela
Billy and Stacey Vits
John Urben
Tom Vogel
Tom and Marilyn Walczewski
Wanda Walczewski
Roman and Mary Jo Walker
Laura and Robert Weatherbee
Carol Wershall
John Wheeler
Lewis and Betty Whitlatch
Robert Wolford
Suzanne Wood
Amy Yentsch
Tim Ziegler
Fr. Bill Zinc
Marilyn and Jerome Ziomkowski
Mary Zwaanstra